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Morelli 1 Krista Morelli Mr. Fortier English Writing 112 11 November 2007 Whose Country Is It? Imagine this- you are walking down the street in a busy section of Miami, Florida. There are people everywhere- walking past you, going into stores, driving cars, taking their children to school- people just trying to live their lives. However, as an American, you are the minority. This is a fact of life in places such as Miami, Florida, San Diego, California, and other major cities all over the United States. Illegal immigration is an issue that has plagued our government and our society since the creation of the United States of America. From the time people stowed away on ships to the time people were transported in rental vans, the United States has always been a safe place for people from all over the world trying to make better lives for themselves. After all, this is the foundation upon which this country was created. But now, illegal immigration has become such a bigger problem than just giving foreigners the opportunity to succeed. There have been many ideas proposed to decrease the number of people who choose to find illegal refuge in this country, but it is not as simple as building a giant wall. They already make up a large portion of the American work force, they collect food stamps, unemployment, social security, and reap the benefits that the American government provides to its citizens. How is the United States government supposed to deport the millions of people who have come to this country illegally, as well as protect it from further infiltration of its borders? The answer is not so simple, nor is putting such a plan in motion. However, one fact remains- the United States is a country that is supposed to provide people with the opportunity to gain life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, and foreigners are
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currently abusing this dogma to gain illegal access to this country.
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Incorporating texts essay - Morelli 1 Krista Morelli Mr...

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