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Morelli 1 Krista Morelli Mr . Fortier English Writing 112 1 December 2007 Oreos and Trans Fats It was Tuesday afternoon , and my mother and I were in the middle of our weekly trip to the grocery store . I became more and more anxious as we rounded the corner into the most infamous of the isles - the cookie isle. Maybe this time she would let me get them , just this once. We continue walking , and as I am about to point them out, my mom beats me to the punch. “Don’t bother asking, honey, you know you are not allowed to get them. They ’re bad for you.” I was defiant . “But Mom! I want them! ” I retorted. Why wouldn ’t she let me get them? Why were they so addicting ? The thin chocolate cookies with a crème filled center that had become a luxury , a forbidden fruit that my mother was so adamant about me not eating. But just what is so bad about Oreos ? They are just cookies, right? Wrong . Nabisco ’s long-lasting and ever-popular cookie, since the time of its release, has been a common household snack that both children and adults alike enjoy . However , recent studies surrounding the healthiness of the Oreo cookie have determined that one of America ’s favorite packaged cookies is not made with the most kosher of ingredients . One of the main ingredients in an Oreo is known as partially hydrogenated soybean oil , commonly referred to as trans -fat. However , trans-fat is no normal type of fat. Because it is chemically engineered , the human digestive system cannot break it down like normal fats . This leaves the trans -fats to seep into the blood stream , causing fatty build-ups that lead to known diseases such as heart disease,
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Morelli 2 obesity , and high blood pressure. Modern science has presented these facts to our society , but what is being done ? Oreos are still unchanged and unhealthy on the shelves of every grocery store , and they are still in the homes of almost every American family being fed to our children. The known health repercussions of eating trans
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oreo essay - Morelli 1 Krista Morelli Mr Fortier English...

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