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Morelli 1 Krista Morelli Mr. Fortier English Writing 112 15 December 2007 Unit 5: Reflection Notes Process 1. What were you trying to do in this essay? 2. What was your audience and purpose? 3. What conversation were you stepping into? 4. What issues arose as you worked through the drafting process? 5. What major revisions did you make, and at what stage? 6. What did you take out or leave in? 7. What interesting moments or epiphanies did you have when writing this essay? 8. What did I learn about myself or my writing from the process of writing this essay? Product 1. Note patterns, tendencies, or habits in each essay and through all four 2. What kind of topics do you tend to choose? 3. What kind of titles do you tend to write? 4. What themes do you seem to be drawn to? 5. Are your paragraphs usually long, short, or varied in length?
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Unformatted text preview: 6. How do you tend to organize your essay? 7. What register do you tend to write in? 8. Do you consistently write in the same tone or project the same persona? 9. Do you consistently strive to use sophisticated vocabulary? 10. Do you unconsciously find yourself writing topic sentences for every paragraph? 11. Are you anally meticulous when it comes to MLA and citations? 12. What does all of this tell you about yourself? Comments 1. What patterns do you find in comments from teacher and peer reviewers? 2. What did we see in your writing that you didnt? 3. What do you see in your writing that we didnt? 4. What does this tell you about you and your writing?...
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