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final reflection essay

final reflection essay - Morelli1 KristaMorelli Mr.Fortier...

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Morelli 1 Krista Morelli Mr. Fortier English Writing 112 16 December 2007 English Writing 112 in Retrospective I have never really known how to feel about any English course I’ve taken, whether it was a middle school course, high school course, or most recently, a college course. I was unclear as to why it was so important to write so many essays. Research papers, thesis papers, reflections, responses, creative pieces, summaries- the list was endless. It seemed like such a waste of time to have to write so much and complete so many different writing assignments that I began to dread writing. I hated the process of formulating an idea, finding a purpose for the essay, writing numerous drafts, spending hours editing, and handing in so much time and effort that was represented, most of the time, by less than 5 pieces of paper. However, having looked back on my writing experiences after taking English Writing 112, the purpose of writing essays for English classes has taken on a new meaning. Whether it was the way the assignments were presented to the class, or just me becoming a more mature student, writing seems more important than ever. By evaluating the four essays I have written for my English Writing 112 class, it is clear to me now that writing not only improved the way I think and respond to different ideas, topics, and concepts, it strengthened my ability to argue a point, analyze different sources, use good grammar and vocabulary, and incorporate personal opinions and experiences to become a better writer. I will start, logically, by evaluating essay one. The essay assignment, Who I Am and What Made Me That Way , was assigned to get the class to pick one thing from their lives that has had a major influence on the person they are today. I chose to write my paper about my dad, his
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job in Morelli 2 the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and how it affected my childhood, my relationship with him, and finally, how it affects me today. During the drafting process, I spent a lot of time perfecting the paragraph order to make a logical digression of my thoughts and feelings. The editing process had me adding and subtracting details that added to and took away from the effectiveness of my paper. This included adding personal thoughts like, “I was confused. Did he not like me? Was he avoiding me on purpose? For a long time, I felt unloved and like I was missing a whole half of me” (Morelli 2). Overall, the writing and editing process had me realizing how much I was affected by what started off as seeming like a small part of my life. The final product contained all the effects and elements I wanted it to. I incorporated strong and
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final reflection essay - Morelli1 KristaMorelli Mr.Fortier...

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