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Unit 5 essay - Unit 5 Final Reflection process I liked this essay becauseI didnt like it becauseThis was my favorite essay Something valuable

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Unit 5: Final Reflection The final reflection is intended to help you evaluate your writing and examine your habits, techniques, challenges, and improvements as a writer. All drafts and generative writing are due at your final conference, to be held during finals week. The final reflection is NOT an opportunity to evaluate my teaching or the course; you will have that opportunity on the last day of class. The only thing you should be evaluating in this reflection is your writing processes and your written work. To begin, review the entire corpus of your writing this semester, taking each essay one by one and making notes as you go. First, consider your writing process . What were you trying to do in this essay? What was your audience and purpose? What conversation were you stepping into? What issues arose as you worked through the drafting process? What major revisions did you make, and at what stage? What did you take out or leave in? What interesting moments or epiphanies did you have writing this essay? These questions may prompt other reflections:
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