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Respose to Kothari essay - not work in the paper is the way...

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Krista Morelli Englwrit 112 10 September 2007 Response: Kothari Essay In the essay, Kothari makes some decisions that both enhance and take away from her essay. She splits it up into shorter sections so that the audience can easily follow along and keep their interest, holding back some information for the next installation, which easily keeps readers reading. However, the way in which she split some of the sections does not make sense, because they’re either too short, or they don’t connect to the previous entry. Another element that does
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Unformatted text preview: not work in the paper is the way she skips from topic to topic within one entry. She loses focus frequently, and will add facts that could either be completely omitted or worked into the essay differently. Ultimately, Kothari’s essay was strong when it came to vocabulary and basic set up, but lacked the ability to focus the true intentions of writing her story in the first place....
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