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POLISCI 121 Class Notes - Political Science 121 World...

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Political Science 121 World Politics Class Notes 1-31-08 1500-present: Europe begins to expand it’s influence over virtually every arch over the planet- European domination Europeans in the 1500’s were considered barbarians and were not dominant Starting in 1500’s, they begin to arrive in the economic scene Realism makes a sharp distinction between interests and values, both of which are hard to determine Interests are, in a sense, very concrete and have a lot to do with the concept of power. The things that a country determines necessary for it’s overall growth become interests A good political realist will always say “Tell me what my interest is” What is it that we call a nation state? The term refers to the primary agent in world politics, according to European realists It is an emotional state- you believe that for a variety of reasons, that you are part of a nation. Sharing common culture, language, ethnicity, religion, race, etc, which transcends individuals and puts meaning and identity in your life. Some nations try to become more homogenous, which is a rarity among all countries of the world. The most recent include Rwanda, Yugoslav, etc. It is a legal state- it is the only legitimate user or violence and coercion. The key word is legitimate The first nation state emerged in 1648- the Treaty of Westphalia ends the 30 years war, which was a war between Protestants and Catholics. Martin Luther posts the 95 Thesis- says that an individual Christian can talk to God directly, without a church Catholics argue that the pope is needed for ruling of the catholic church Protestants dismiss the idea of a church and a higher pope figure The war ended with the idea of a nation state- can view it with any internal characteristics you want Came up with a doctrine- “Eius regio, euios religio” Whoever’s state it is, it is their religion as well Introduces the idea of sovereignty- that the internal affairs of a state are not the object of international concern Relations among states are precarious because there is no over arching political authority Every state exists in isolation because you are not allowed to concern yourself with the affairs of the states around you. However, there is no state that is going to protect you if another states decides to attack you Anarchy- if you live in anarchy, you have to depend on your own resources for self- defense The most important thing for a political realist to have is power It is not absolute, it is only a relative measure. There is no such thing for a realist to have too much power, you just want more power than your neighbors A good realist will say you need military power, but you can also have economic power (innovation, technology), cultural power (robust and vibrant), diplomatic power (forming
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alliances with other states that can help protect you against invasions) For a realists, there are two prerequisites for statehood:
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