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Visual Storytelling Paper

Visual Storytelling Paper - that would often stretch and...

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Justin Berger JCM 220 E September 7, 2008 Visual Storytelling Paper The picture is the front page image for the New York Times, with “Senator John McCain received a thunderous greeting Thursday night as he began his speech to accept the Republicans’ presidential nomination,” as the caption. The image portrays a smiling John McCain walking towards the podium. The spotlight aims at John McCain as enthralled supporters surround him. The only visible faces are the ones at the front of the crowd—the rest are covered by a sea of blue signs reading “McCain/Palin.” The light in the picture illuminates several exuberant fans all clapping and celebrating that their hero has showed up. One of the ladies in the light even seems to be reaching her hand out as if to touch McCain. It’s reminiscent of biblical stories of people
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Unformatted text preview: that would often stretch and fight their way through the crowd get a glimpse of the Messiah. The picture depicts McCain come into the light, ironically similar to the way his campaign has come out of the obscurity that plagued it just a year ago. The grinning McCain seems just as happy as can be as he walks through the throng of believers on his way to address them as their party’s presidential nominee. The lighting technique depicted in this photograph really supports a sense of optimism and change—a move in the right direction for America. The picture seems to garner support for and associate good feelings with John McCain. Article: Baker, Peter. McCain Sets Path; Vows to End 'Partisan Rancor'." New York Times 05 Sep 2008, 'natl. ed.': A1....
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