Outline - Chapter 1 - 11. Cells can use various free energy

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Chapter 1                      Cells and Genomes     The Universal Features of cells on earth (pages 1-11; figures 1-1 to 1-14) 1. All cells have DNA as the genetic material 2. All cells replicate their DNA by templated polymerization 3. All cells transcribe a portion of their genetic material into RNA 4. All cells use proteins as catalysts 5. All cells translate into proteins in the same way 6. Fragment of genetic information corresponding to one protein is one gene 7. Requirement of energy by living cells 8. All cells use the same building blocks 9. All cells are enclosed by a plasma membrane 10. A living cell can exist with fewer than 500 genes – the minimal genome concept. The diversity of genomes and the tree of life (pages 11-22; figures 1-15 to 1-25)
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Unformatted text preview: 11. Cells can use various free energy sources-organotrophic; phototrophic; lithotrophic 12. Some cells can fix nitrogen and carbon dioxide 13. Procaryotes exhibit the greatest biochemical diversity 14. Tree of life three domains bacteria, archaea, and eucaryotes 15. New genes are generated from preexisting genes 16. Gene duplications give rise to gene families-homologs, paralogs, and orthologs 17. Genes can be transferred between organisms Genetic information in eucaryotes (pages 26-31; figures 1-30 to 1-37) 18. Eucaryotic cells may have originated as predators 19. Modern eucaryotic cells evolved from a symbiosis 20. Eucaryotes have hybrid genomes 21. Eucaryotic genomes are big...
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Outline - Chapter 1 - 11. Cells can use various free energy

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