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Bacterial classification

Bacterial classification - leprosy Micrococcaccae...

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Kingdom Division Class Archaebacteria Tenericutes Mendosicutes Thallobacteria Monera Scotobacteria Mollicutes Gracilicutes Firmicutes Firmbacteria Anoxyphotobacteria Oxyphotobacteria Family/ Section Genus Halobacterium (photosynthesizers) Sulfolobus, Thermococcus (70C - 100C) Mycoplasma (pneumonia) Mycobacteriaceae Staphylococcus (food poisoning, wound infections. boils, toxic shock) Streptoococcus (sore throat, scarlet fever) Bacillus (Anthrax) Clostridium (Botulism & Tetanus) Thermoplasma (pH ~ 2 temp ~ 60C) Methanobacterium (CH 4 producers) Extreme Halophiles Extreme Thermophiles Thermoacidophiles Methanogens Pseudomonas (food spoil) Neisseria (gonorrhea) Bordetella (Whooping Cough) Rhizobium (nitrogen fixer) Streptomyces (produces antibiotics) Mycobacterium (tuberculosis &
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Unformatted text preview: leprosy) Micrococcaccae Streptococcaceae Bacil aceae Treponema (syphilis) Borrelia (Lyme Disease) Helicobacter (Ulcers) Vibro (Cholera) Escherichia (coli) Salmonel a Shigel a (dysentery) Klensiel a (pneumonia) Serratia (nosocomial) Yersinia (Plague) Chlamydia (STD) Rickettsia (Rocky Mount Spotted Fever) Thiobacil us (oxidize reduced "S" or "Fe") Chlamydias & Rickettsias Chemoautotrophs Aerobic Rods & Cocci Spirochaetaceae Spiril aceae Vibrionaceae Enterobacteriaceae Oscil atoria Green & Purple Sulfer bacteria Green & Purple Non-Sulfer bacteria Chlorobium (Green) Chromatium (Purple) Chloroflexus (Green) Rhodospiril um (Purple)...
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