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MKTG696 (S1_2017) Assessment Guide_A1 Marketing Plan

MKTG696 (S1_2017) Assessment Guide_A1 Marketing Plan -...

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1 MKTG696 (S1/2017) Unit Convenor: LayPeng Tan Updated: 13-March-2017 Assessment Guide: A1 Marketing Plan Graduate Capabilities: Discipline Specific Knowledge and Skills, Problem Solving and Research Capability and Critical, Analytical and Integrative Thinking This is a group assignment which will be assessed on both individual and group performance. This assessment has several components: Two Progress Presentations and a Written Marketing Plan. 1.0 The Task In groups of approximately five students (maximum 6), students will write and present a 12 -months marketing plan for a new product/service (either a “good” or “services” or a combination of both) to convince senior management to invest the necessary funds required to successfully implement the plan. Be creative, but ensure your plan can be implemented to your identified target market. The project will involve a series of stages as follows. 2.0 The Project Proposal (Non-assessable; for review and feedback) DUE: Week-4, Monday 10am Online submission: Please upload the document via iLearn (only one proposal per group) The proposal should include: A brief description of the chosen new product/service including relevant images Some thoughts and justifications for intended target market, market opportunity and key value proposition Some initial observations of the competitive environment (and obviously, the names and student IDs of your group members) 3.0 The Assessments A. Project Progress Presentation One (during class) Week 7 (7%) B. Project Progress Presentation Two (during class) Week 12 (8%) C.
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