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AgeofEnlightenmentReviewTitle.gif (9946 bytes) * Main Themes: * *1. The Enlightenment had its origins in the scientific and intellectual revolutions of the 17c. 2. Enlightenment thinkers felt that change and reason were both possible and desireable for the sake of human liberty. 3. Enlightenment philosophes provided a major source of ideas that could be used to undermine existing social and political structures. * *I. The Major Themes of the Era: A. rationalism --> logical reasoning based on facts. B. cosmology --> new world view based on Newtonian physics --> analysis of natural phenomena as systems. C. secularism --> application of scientific theories to religion and society. D. scientific method --> experimentation; observation; hypothesis. E. utilitarianism (Bentham) --> laws created for the common good and not for special interests. The greatest good for the greatest number. F. reversal of medieval thinking). G.
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EnlightenmentReview - AgeofEnlightenmentReviewTitle.gif...

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