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Euro Lists Filled Out - Lead People: Ferdinand and Isabella...

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Lead People: Ferdinand and Isabella ( 1450’s – early 1500’s) - King and Queen during Spain’s dominancy - Columbus and Gold Conquests - Inquisition- religious unity Phillip II: 1556-1598 - expansion and exploration - Revolt in the Netherlands - 30 Years War - Spanish Armada - All created huge debt - Lost most of its power Elizabeth I - last of the Tudors Spanish armada - Indifferent to Church of England, religion - Ruled by good counsel respected parliament - Econ. And military probs at end of her reign, led to the Rev. - Most popular ruler of GB Napoleon- we was one of the greatest military minds that every existed. He rose to power after the French Revolution and in November of 1799 be overthrew the Directory. He then established the regime known as the consulate, which enacted the Napoleonic codes- they established equality of all citizens before the law and the abolition of privileges based on birth. He upset the BOP with his Napoleonic Wars and he abdicated on April 11 1814 to Elba. His final defeat was at Waterloo. Metternich- He was the foreign minister of Austria from 1809-1848. he was a big leader in the Congress of Vienna, which tried to restore Europe to the pre Napoleon balance. He instituted the Carlsbad decree because he was really against nationalism and liberalism and believed that being conservative was the only way Louis Napoleon- he was elected by a landslide because his name was Napoleon Bonaparte and the people of France thought he would resemble his uncle. He was
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known as the citizen kin. Became emperor did reforms and lost Franco Prussian War and was deposed Peter the Great- One of the two Great Romanovs (Russian royal family). Took the first initial steps of Westernizing Russia after his trip to Amsterdam. Brought back the skills he acquired there, especially land clearing and ship building. Immediately began to expand Russia and westernize both culture and dress. Built St. Petersburg with the marsh-draining techniques he acquired in Amsterdam after defeating Sweden for the land. Also obtained Russia's first port on the Baltic, had his eyes on a year-round, warm water port. Catherine the Great- Picked up where Peter left off. Said by Voltaire to be just as extraordinary as Peter. She continued the Westernization and expansion efforts that Peter had started. Obtained Russia's first warm water port on the Black Sea, and was eyeing Ottoman lands for a port on the Mediterranean. Frederick the Great- Made Prussia into a world power. Reformed the then current social system. Prussia had always been militaristic, but had never really been efficient. Frederick streamlined the finances, updated the military with modern weapons, and expanded both Prussia's borders and the size of her military. Prussia would become known as one of the fiercest military machines in Europe due to his leadership.
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Euro Lists Filled Out - Lead People: Ferdinand and Isabella...

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