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EAS 109 — Dinosaurs 2005 Midterm Key Part II . Please answer your choice of four of numbered questions below by checking off any and all of the correct choices. No indications to the contrary, the first four you answer will be the ones counted. (24 points) 1. Fossil evidence is broadly consistent with the notion that … the atmosphere’s dioxygen [O 2 ] content has increased dramatically between the Archean and the present. asteroid impacts have brought about mass extinctions more than once in the Earth’s history. the biomass on land increased much more during the Paleozoic than it has before or since. ecosystems evolved from the bottom up, primary producers coming first, then herbivores, then carnivores. vertebrates first entered terrestrial ecosystems as the top-level carnivores; herbivores came later. dinosaurs arose as carnivores; herbivores came later.
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  • Fall '07
  • Body¬†Forms, asteroid impacts, present. asteroid impacts, forms whale-like body, asteroid impacts reversals

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