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EAS 109 — Dinosaurs 2006 Midterm — KEY Part II . Please answer your choice of six of following numbered questions by checking off any and all of the correct choices. No indications to the contrary, the first six you answer will be the ones counted. (30 points) “/ ” = half credit, “// ” = no credit 1. Which of the following are dinosaurs? mosasaurs such as Tylosaurus pelycosaurs such as Dimetrodon plesiosaurs such as Elasmosaurus pterosaurs such as Rhamphorynchus birds such as Archaeopteryx What the question’s testing: Have you learned more or less exactly what a dinosaur is? 2. Among the features that evolved independently in dinosaurs and mammals are … wings horns an erect stance in walking warm-bloodedness whale-like marine forms What the question’s testing: Have you learned some of dinosaurs’ more important characteristics, and at what level in terrestrial vertebrates’ “family tree”they appeared? 3.
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