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I always had a curiosity of what an infant child will learn as their first word. As I watch babies around me, I could never figure out what they were trying to indicate or what kind of emotions they were trying to express. However, by attending this psychology class I have noticed one thing in the book that could solve my curiosity. The book (ch.7; language and communication) was saying that the children learn object word first because the concepts that object words encode are simpler than those that action words encode. And in order for children to learn object words, they must match objects with their appropriate linguistic referents, but to learn action words, or verbs, children must also form an
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Unformatted text preview: understanding of the connections between objects and actions. This was true. My baby cousins first word was milk which is an object word and after a while she started to express the verbs and expressions. I also think that among those object words children usually first learn words that they can manipulate, produce, or change its movement. These words are such as milk, toy, cheese, shoes, and hair. This is because they are more familiar with the words that they can manipulate the most and the words such as table, stove, microwave, or kitchen are not words that they can move or play with....
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