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Note Sheet - a.avg. walk speed +10% over last 10 years (I)...

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a.avg. walk speed +10% over last 10 years (I) b.reg. exercise increase libido of men (I) c.avg. global temp increase by 2100 (I) d.avg. people live 5% longer in Japan (D) e.poll shows 74% college students favor cp (I) f. pop. World now exceeds 6 billion (I) g.4 years most frequent term in office (D) tend date more than women before settle(I) i.74% Americans overweight/obese (I) gpa/income (O) b.prescribed hours of sleep/learning rate (E) c.self esteem/voluntary tv hours (O) d.muscle mass before after puberty (O) e.effect of prayer on random selected patients (E) f.caffein and tailgating on highway (E) g.relapse addicts randomly assigned different rehabs (E) h.ability to play instrument and GRE (O) a.ehtnic group (qualitative, nominal) b.age(quantitative, interval, continuous) size (quantitative, interval, discrete) d.major (qualitative, nominal) e.political affiliation (quantitative, nominal) f.cook time (quantitative, interval, continuous) g.parole violations (quantitative, interval, discrete) h.frosh,soph,jun,sen (qualitative, ordinal) i.SAT score (quantitative, interval, discrete) j. Net worth (quantitative, interval ratio, continuous) k.Fav. sports (qualitative, nominal) l.gender (qualitative, nominal) m.position in line (ranked, ordinal) n.population (qualitative, interval, discrete) speed (quantitative, interval, continuous), neutral, dislike (qualitative, interval, discrete) Asks all his friends to participate. Ranks odor 1-10. Sent on a blind date asked to report back whether a second date obtained this true experiment no, no random selection, no random assignment and odor not controlled IV-NONE DV-BODY ODOR (quantitative, interval, discrete) Second Date (Y/N, qualitative, nominal) Establish cause and effect? No not a true experiment How Improve? Randomly select people from population of interest Randomly assign people to good or bad smelling groups Sample 100 people randomly selected each given 3 meals/day but half also get chocolate bars. After 2 months people rate their mood 1 to 10
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This note was uploaded on 06/18/2008 for the course PSYC 60 taught by Professor Ard during the Spring '08 term at UCSD.

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Note Sheet - a.avg. walk speed +10% over last 10 years (I)...

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