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As I entered college this year, I noticed that there are so many people who smoke and who drinks regularly compare to high school kids. First, I was kind of curious of having those kinds of habits in daily life but one article that read in the internet news made me to change my mind. It was about how adult’s health and illness can affect their babies, and the article also illustrated with the several pictures that baby was born without having an arm, identical twin babies with their head stuck together, and a newborn baby with half skin black and half skin white. These terrible outcomes were mostly because of the baby’s mother’s habitual drinking and smoking in her everyday life. Similarly. If a woman contracts rubella
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Unformatted text preview: during the first month of her pregnancy, even if the attack is mild, her fetus risks cardiac disorders, cataract formation, deafness, and mental retardation. According to the textbook a wide range of maternal diseases and disorders can affect an infants development either prenatally of during the birth process. Like the effects of other teratogenic agents. The effects of these disorders are often mediated by their appearance at a critical time. This materials were explaining me the reasons of these happenings more clearly and I thought that the fact that adults healths impact to their babies were just terrible....
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