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psych212 - saying that Korean girl’s soccer team has won...

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One day, I have noticed that there were so many confusion of sexuality in our daily lives. This is not just about the a gender identity , but also a confusion coming from a gender roles which indicates composites of the behaviors actually exhibited by a typical male or female in a given culture. I actually had a noticeable experience during my last summer vacation when I was in Korea. Korea is not a country where gender confusion is as much open as United States do. They basically don’t accept the fact that one might be able to have a confusion of gender and they treat it as a shame. For example when Koreans educate their children, they teach children to follow the gender stereotypes such as only boys can play soccer and only girls can wear bright color clothes. However, during my vacation, I have read an article
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Unformatted text preview: saying that Korean girl’s soccer team has won a championship during their season play off. This was a rare event that can happen in Korea because of the education skills that Koreans have. Before winning a championship; these girls were treated like boys and they could not get along with normal girls (indicating girls who basically think that playing soccer is not acceptable among girls). Now they became the headline news of the sports magazines. I thought that educating children while they are not fully developed can affect their mental standards and this also can affect one’s natural ability. No matter what kind of background one got one need to be taught in a fair way of learning....
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