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Unformatted text preview: Accounting 202 Instructions: Exam #3 Practice Problem 1 Place information only in YELLOW cells. Given the data delivered in the online quiz, in quiz in the appropriate places in the SECTION 1 & SECTION 2 below. Provide Descriptio required. Compute the stuff in SECTION 2 and link or insert it into SECTION 1 to complet stuff I'm asking for there. Save this file as YOURNAMEAnykine.xls, where YOURNAM SECTION 1 - Any-: SECTION 2 - kine: SECTION 3 - Stuffs tice Problem 1 Anykine Answer Sheet delivered in the online quiz, insert the amounts provided from the online N 2 below. Provide Descriptions in SECTION 1 and compute amounts it into SECTION 1 to complete that stuff. In SECTION 3, prepare the ykine.xls, where YOURNAME is your actual name....
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