Works Cited - May. 1997.

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Garlick 8 Works Cited Batten, Helen and Prottas, Jeffery.  “Kind Strangers: The Families Of Organ Donors.”  <>. Engelbert, Lauren.  “Should Organ Donors Be Compensated For Their Donations?”  8. December. 2006.  <http://media.www.vanderbiltorbis. com/media/storage/paper983/news/2006/12/08/Issues/Should.Organ. Donors.Be.Compensated.For.Their.Donations-2530638.shtml>. Freeman, Colin and Jibouri, Saleh.  “Black market organ trade is Baghdad’s new Growth industry.”  22. May. 2005.  < 05/22/ixworld.html>. Giuliano, Karen.  “Organ Transplants Tackling The Tough Ethical Questions.”
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Unformatted text preview: May. 1997. < ai_n8782545/pg_1>. “Kidney sale on web haulted.” 3. September. 1999. < hi/science/nature/437504.stm>. Kimbrell, Andrew. (1993) The Human Body Shop: The Engineering and Marketing of Life . New York: HarperSanFrancisco. “Definition of Xenotransplantation.” <>. Wikipedia. “organ donation and organs and tissues which can be donated.” Garlick 8 <>....
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Works Cited - May. 1997.

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