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Sean Martin History 153 Indians in America The trading with the Indians had its ups and downs throughout the years. They got things such as new plants, weapons, animals, clothing, diseases and food. The Europeans came over to America in the late 15 th century. They describe the Indians as a natural, timid, and generous. I believe that the Indians and the European both helped and hurt themselves. How the Indian life changer from the time before the Europeans came to America, to when the Europeans came to America. They helped each other when they traded goods like guns, food, clothes, fur and weapons. They also traded there tips on growing crops and ways of hunting. Some ways where, when the Indians showed the Europeans after they landed how to grow corn and show. The Indians also helped them by showing them the land and where to hunt. The most important trade the European got from the Indians was the animal fur. The Europeans showed the Indians how to use their guns and then started to trade their guns for furs and other things. Other important trades for the Indian where the metal axe, bowls, cups, clothes, and knives. The Indians started to
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look for the traders with alcohol. They drank it to celebrate the hunt and special
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indian european - Sean Martin History 153 Indians in...

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