3.3 Concept Worksheet for Formula Weight

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Dr. Paul Moses 3.3 Concept Worksheet for Determining Weight % from a Formula In determining the molecular weight of a compound we determine the weight contribution from each element. We can take this weight contribution, divide it by the total molecular weight and find the weight % of each component.
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Unformatted text preview: Practice Problems: 1. What is the weight % of each element of CO 2 ? 2. What is the weight % iron in Fe 2 O 3 ? 3. What is the weight % of O in Fe(OH) 3 ? 4. What is the weight % water in MgSO 4* 5H 2 O? Answers: 1. 27.3% C, 72.7% O 2. 69.9% iron 3. 44.9% oxygen 4. 42.8% water...
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