3.1 Concept Worksheet for Formula to Formula Weight

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Dr. Paul Moses 3.1 Concept Worksheet for Formula to Formula Weight The formula of a compound tells you how many of each species are present. That coupled with the atomic weight of each species gives the total weight, typically referred to as formula weight or molecular weight. The units of molecular weight (MW) are either amu/molecule or g/mole of molecules. Be careful with parentheses. Numbers after parentheses refer to all of the components within the parentheses. MW should be
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Unformatted text preview: reported to one more significant figure than needed in the answer for the problem. In this exercise, we’ll go to 0.1g/mole. Practice Problems: Determine the molecular weight of the following compounds: a. NaCl b. H 2 O c. H 2 CO 3 d. Na 2 SO 4 e. Mg(CN) 2 f. MgSO 4* 6H2O g. Fe 2 (SO 3 ) 2 Answers: a. 58.5 b. 18.0 c. 62.0 d. 142.1 e. 76.3 f. 228.4 g. 271.8...
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