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Sean Martin Indian History Ernie Pepion The relationship between Ernie life and his art work is amazing. He paints his pictures about how he was before his accident. His painting takes him out of his handicapped state of mind to him being free. He can’t really do anything by himself. He gets help everyday to do the normal stuff that we do every morning which he can no longer do himself. So when he gets to his art studio he feels free and like a normal person again. He paints himself in his wheel chair like he is riding a horse. His picture not only helps him but other handicapped people. He teaches others people paint and he is people’s hero for not giving up his life. The Indian Claims Commission
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Unformatted text preview: The Indian Claims Commission was founded in August 1946. It was made to help the Indians make claims against the federal government for centurys worth of treaty violation and financial mismanagement. They made it expecting to last ten years, the 3 member Indian claims commission operated until September 1978. At that time the U.S. Courts of Claims reassumed jurisdiction over the outstanding cases. Ultimately, the Indian Claims Commission cleared 546 dockets and named 342 awards totaling $818,172,606.64. these judgments ranged from several from several hundred dollars to 31.2 million. This was a great thing for Indians to get their settlements....
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