1.6 Concept Worksheet for Unit Conversions

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Dr. Paul Moses 1.6 Concept Worksheet for Unit Conversions Often in problems we need to convert from one type of unit to another without changing the overall quantity. This is done via dimensional analysis, in which a number is multiplied by a ratio or conversion factor in such a matter that the starting unit is cancelled by placing this unit in the denominator of the conversion factor. Practice Problems: Using conversion factors in the problem and those listed below, make
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Unformatted text preview: the following unit conversions: 1. 257 feet to inches 2. 1.56E-4 Km to cm 3. 75 gallons of a liquid with a density of 1.15g/ml to kg 4. 45 square inches to cm 2 5. 125 lbs to kg 12in = 1ft 1000m = 1 km 100cm = 1 m 1 gallon = 4 qt 1 quart = 0.9463 L 1000 ml = 1 L 1000g = 1 Kg 2.54 cm = 1 in 454g = 1 kg Answers: 1. 3080in 2. 15.6 cm 3. 330 Kg 4. 290 cm 2 5. 56.8 Kg...
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