1.5 Concept Worksheet for Density

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Dr. Paul Moses 1.5 Concept Worksheet for Density Density is the ratio of a substances weight and volume, usually as grams per ml. If you know weight and volume, you find density by dividing the two. If you know weight, you can use density to convert to volume and the reverse. Practice Problems: 1. What is the density of a substance if 256g of the substance occupies 15.2ml? 2. What is the density of a substance if a block weighing 25.2g displaces 2.4ml of water? 3. What is the density of a liquid for which 25ml weighs 26.3529g?
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Unformatted text preview: 4. What is the weight of 15ml of a substance with a density of 2.6g/ml? 5. How much will 125ml of ethylene glycol weigh if it has a density of 1.12g/ml? 6. What is the volume of a nugget of gold that weighs 36g if gold has a density of 19.6g/ml? 7. A liquid has a density of 0.85g/ml. What volume of the liquid do I need in order to have 125g of the material? Answers: 1. 16.8 g/ml 2. 11 g/ml 3. 0.95g/ml 4. 39g 5. 1.40E2 6. 1.8ml 7. 150ml...
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