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Western Civ Notes 16/10/2007 12:14:00 1. Thesis-The transformation from a Paleolithic to a Neolithic lifestyle occurred due to a variety of causes, was evident through specific characteristics, and left long term consequences on ancient people. These changes in lifestyle brought about by domestication of animals and crops brought about a more sophisticated society. Causes o Climate change that brought more rainfall and increased amount of  wild grains to gather Larger food supply so people can support more children, but it  brought the people’s need for food to increase o People no longer had to wonder around, they could now settle down  and live in villages Characteristics o Farming dominated by female while men hunted; women also took on  domestic labors such as making clothing and food o Men took over trade o Domestication of flocks 9000 BC-taming of goats/sheep 7,000 BC- domestication of pigs and cattle, cultivation of grain 4,000BC-the wheel and plow invented Consequences o Social Hierarchy with new levels of management to supervise irrigation o Development of cities dominated by agriculture/trade o Strengthened economy o The first cities arose, international trade and wars of consquest  generated cultural interaction, and the dev of architecture,  mathematics, alphabet in the eastern Mediterranean region Conclusion: Due to changes in climate the Neolithic age was able to occur and  bring vast changes in society with it. 2.  The status and role of women in ancient societies different from culture to  culture.  For instance the role of women in history changed between Greece, Rome, and Egypt societies as far as their involvement in law, family, and work. While the  status and power of women in Greek societies were very miniscule, the role of women  in Roman societies were much different in reference to law, family, and work.  Greek society
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o No political participation-men might overlook women’s contributions to  the city state o Freeborn women could contest property rights in court o Managed household-raising children, cooking, keep families financial  accounts o Poor women-tilled gardens and sell produce and trinkets in markets,  were small scale merchants and craft producers o Involved in cults o Men were legal guardians o Could initiate divorce Roman Society o Women stressed family values to children They shared the values with men o Could own property o Wealthy women could influence politics by expressing opinions to male  members of family Egypt o Law Had some legal rights as men Could own land and slaves Inherit property Pursue lawsuits Divorce o Family Devoted themselves to private life, managing households and  property when husbands went to war
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Western Civ Notes for Midterm - Western Civ Notes 12:14:00...

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