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sample mis 235 letter

sample mis 235 letter - Richard Hall Oxford OH 45056 Mr Bob...

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??? Richard Hall Oxford, OH 45056 September 10, 2007 Mr. Bob Probert Probert’s Exotic Auto’s 600 Civic Center Drive Detroit, MI 48226 Dear Mr. Bob Probert: After reviewing Probert’s Exotic Autos customer surveys, it is clear that it would benefit the company to introduce a new tool which improves customer service. An assumption table that automatically calculates the customer’s monthly payments on the purchase of a new car could serve this purpose. A “monthly payment calculator” could increase customer satisfaction, and ultimately result in an increase in sales for your business. The assumption table is set up through Excel. It requires that the sales associate input multiple required factors which affect the payment. The program then allows the sales associate to separately input the highly negotiable factors of down payment, trade-in, and rebate amounts. All payments are automatically calculated with the input of each factor, and each payment option is simultaneously displayed in a separate space on the screen.
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