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E45: Quiz 9/11/06 NAME:_______________________________________________________________ 1. Indicate whether the following statement is True or False. In an atom, two electrons in the same suborbital (i.e., two electrons with the same values of the three principal quantum numbers, n, l, and m l ) MUST have opposite spins. 2. Identify the better answer, (a) or (b). Hund’s main rule states that (a) the lowest energy configuration of electrons in suborbitals (e.g., 2p, 3d) is that for which the greatest number of electrons have parallel spins.
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Unformatted text preview: (b) The electrons in a suborbital MUST, within limitations introduced by the Pauli Exclusion Principle, maximize the number of parallel spins. 3. In the analysis conducted in class of bonding between H atoms in the H 2 molecule the probability amplitudes of the electrons in the H 2 molecule were represented by (a) a linear combination of the 1s states of the two H atoms (b) the product of the 1s states of the two H atoms (c) none of the above...
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