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E45ClassQuiz_22 2006

E45ClassQuiz_22 2006 - What phase or phases are present in...

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E45: Quiz 11/17/06 NAME:_______________________________________________________________ T A = melting point of pure A; T B = melting point of pure B (a) What phase or phases would be present in an alloy of composition C O that is heated at a temperature between T 3 (=1200°C) and T O (=800°C) for a long enough time for the equilibrium structure to form? α (b) Next, the alloy is rapidly cooled (quenched) to room temperature by plunging the alloy into a large volume of water.
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Unformatted text preview: What phase or phases are present in the alloy after it is quenched to room temperature? α (c) Next, the alloy is heat treated at a temperature of 600°C, causing the precipitation of β phase. What factor limits the rate at which β phase forms? (i) Chemical free energy associated with the formation of β; ( ii) Surface energy associated with the formation of β. T A T B α T O A C O B β Concentration of B 1.0 T 3...
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