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E45: Quiz 11/20/06 NAME:_______________________________________________________________ T A = melting point of pure A; T B = melting point of pure B An alloy of composition C O is heated at a temperature between T 3 and T O and then quenched in water to room temperature. The alloy is then heat treated at a temperature below T O in order to precipitate β phase in the matrix of α . 1. Make a sketch of the nucleation rate of the β phase, the growth rate of the β phase, and the overall rate of formation of the
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Unformatted text preview: β phase as functions of temperature. Be sure to identify temperature T O on your sketch. 2. Briefly explain the temperature dependency of the nucleation rate of the β phase. The temperature dependency of the nucleation rate arises from the temperature dependence of ∆ G c . ∆-RT G N * . exp α , 2 2 * ) ( 1 1 x o c T T G G-∆ ∆ T T o Rate Growth Rate Overall Rate Nucleation Rate...
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