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E45: Quiz 11/29/06 NAME:_______________________________________________________________ 1. Specify the Miller indices, {hkl}, of the crystallographic plane on which plastic flow occurs in a metal with the BCC crystal structure. Specify the crystallographic direction, <hkl>, in which plastic flow occurs in the bcc metal. {110}, <111> 2. Which of the following characteristics describes the Buerger’s vector, b , of an edge dislocation? (i) b is in the plane on which the edge dislocation glides (i.e., the closest packed
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Unformatted text preview: plane) (ii) The magnitude of b is equal to the displacement created by the movement of the dislocation across the crystal (iii)The direction of b is perpendicular to the direction(s) that the dislocation moves across the closest packed plane when subjected to a stress 3. Name one method for increasing the strength of a metal. Add solute atom, increase the number of dislocations, precipitate second phase, refine grain boundaries...
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