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E45: Quiz 11/15/06 NAME:_______________________________________________________________ T A = melting point of pure A T B = melting point of pure B An alloy with the eutectic composition, C E , has the lowest melting temperature. For a particular alloy system composed of elements A and B, C E = 0.3 at the eutectic temperature, T E , and the solubility limit of B in
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Unformatted text preview: is 0.05, and the solubility limit of A in is 0.15. At equilibrium at a temperature infinitesmally smaller than T E , what is the volume fraction of phase in an alloy of the eutectic composition? T A T B T 2 A C 1 C E C 2 B 16 5 05 . 85 . 05 . 3 . 1 2 1 =--=--= C C C C f E Concentration of B 1.0...
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