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E45: Quiz 9/22/06 NAME:_______________________________________________________________ 1. A structural support made of iron is immersed in sea water and is corroding. To decrease the corrosion rate of iron, a DC power supply is connected to the iron and to a dummy electrode. In which direction must electrons flow through the external circuit in order for iron’s corrosion rate to decrease? (a) electrons should flow into iron from the external
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Unformatted text preview: circuit. (b) electrons should flow out of iron into the external circuit. 2. A cold water pipe in a home is made of copper. The inside surface of the copper pipe is corroding. What reduction reaction accompanies the copper’s oxidation? Reduction of oxygen: ½ O 2 + 2 H + + 2 e- H 2 O 3. List four methods for decreasing aqueous corrosion. Cathodic reaction, inhibitors, coating, passivity...
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