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E45ClassQuiz_5 2006

E45ClassQuiz_5 2006 - M ∆ S φ(c is independent of M ∆...

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E45: Quiz 9/18/06 NAME:_______________________________________________________________ 1. Fill in the blank. In general, it is impossible to measure ________ potential drop __________ across a single interface. It is possible to measure changes in this parameter, and to measure the value of this parameter with respect to a reference. 2. In general, the rate of an electrochemical reaction that involves charge transfer (e.g., Fe -> Fe ++ + 2e - , and 2H + + 2e - -> H 2 ) and that takes place on the surface of a metal immersed in an aqueous electrolyte (a) depends exponentially on M S φ (b) depends linearly on
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Unformatted text preview: M ∆ S φ (c) is independent of M ∆ S φ . 3. Table 12.1, which appears on page 395 of the textbook by Morris, lists the Standard Reduction Potentials of a number of elements. E.g., Au appears at the top of the Table and the Standard Reduction Potential of Au is +1.5V. Lithium appears at the bottom of the Table and the Standard Reduction Potential of Li is -3.5V. True or False: the relative values of the Standard Reduction Potential are determined, in part, by the relative tendency of reduced species (e.g., Au and Li) to give up electrons....
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