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Readings: Comm 462 8/27/07 ( In-Class ) Rick Bragg: Oseola McCarty: NY Times; Exchange Students 8/29/07 1. A Black-Green Curtain of Disease and Destruction, Grime and Stench. By Dan Barry, New York Times, Sept 12, 2005 [ProQuest]. 2. Macabre Reminder: The Corpse on Union Street. By Dan Barry, New York Times, Sept 8, 2005 [ProQuest]. 3. Hitchhiking From Squalor to Anywhere Else. By Anne Hull, Washington Post, Sept 3, 2005 [ProQuest]. 9/5/07 1. Dumping a Crisis in County's Lap. By Russell Frank, Modesto Bee, Jan 30, 1993 [Newsbank] 2. Toads Bring a New Look to Drug Bust. By Russell Frank, Modesto Bee, Jan 6, 1994 [Newsbank] 3. A Heaping Serving of Justice. By Henry Allen, Washington Post, Dec 5, 1996 [ProQuest] 4. Life's Ups and Downs.
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Unformatted text preview: By Lane DeGregory, St. Petersburg Times, Jan 28, 2003 [Nieman Narrative Digest] 9/12/07 1. Five Lives. By Helene Cooper (et al), Wall Street Journal, Oct 11, 2001 [ProQuest] 2. Jijacked Jets Destroy Twin Towers. By N.R. Kleinfield, New York Times, Sept 12, 2001 [ProQuest]. 3. Sept. 11, 2001: Steve Miller Ate a Scone. .. By David Maraniss, Washington Post, Sept 16, 2001 [ProQuest]. 9/17/07 1. When Pigs Fly. ..They Fly First-Class. By Don Russell, Philadelphia Daily News, Oct 27, 2000 [NewsBank] 2. Rampaging Rooster Attacks Tarpon Springs Girl. By Kelley Benham, St. Petersburg Times, Oct 4, 2002 [Lexis-Nexis] 3. Open Road Beckons to Adventurer, Age 5, By Mark A. Uhlig, New York Times, Dec 5, 1987 [ProQuest]...
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