mine - there mine was really dry compared to Madison The...

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Sean Martin Mining This was my first time in a mine that is bigger than 50 inches, so 7 foot ceilings were nice. It was a very big change for me. At the mine I’m at now we drive into it, and at the Cumberland mine we took and elevator down and then road train cars around the mine. It was a different look at mining. I didn’t not know how much stuff was different and other stuff was new. They use 3 bolts and a beam to support the roof in good areas of their mine. At my mine we use three to four roof bolts for a good roof section. They also use a new pillar system instead of using the wood block. In Madison we build block pillars and wooden ones too. There mine is pretty straight and have a slight downhill path. At Madison we have and up and down path through the coal seam. Also
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Unformatted text preview: there mine was really dry compared to Madison. The equipment some was new and some I saw at Madison. The continuous miner was new for me. It save the mine time in mining the coal and it’s very fast when running at its full speed. I was amazed to see it cut that much coal and how fast it was going. The trains were also something I didn’t see before, but I understand why they have them. They pull all their supplies on the train cars. When we use are cars to pull are supplies in the mud. I’m happy that I got to go and see what other mines look like, and how they work. Because I have been learning that in different mines they do different thing to get more coal, or to get it fast. You get a good understanding on how the mines view safety....
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mine - there mine was really dry compared to Madison The...

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