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Distill-Report - Distillation Introduction The boiling...

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[ ' Distillation Introduction: The boiling point ofa compound is a specific physical property, which is constant for pure materials at a constant atmospheric pressue,and it is a useful property for use rn chancterizing unknown crmpounds, isolating cornpounds ofcenain mixtues, ard determining $|e puity ofitrixtr|Ies ofcompouods" The boilingpointis define.t as the point where a molecule ofthe liquid apFoaches the vapor-liquid boundary and possesses suflicient energy, passing fiom p (..^ .asty . 4tr11 rr,' 5qt.p ( A,.^\r,^^4 the liquid phase into the gas phase. When a $EIr is at equilibrium. many molecules are escapiag ioto the vapor ph6se froo tbe li4uid phase, enrl sa e1"at urorbet arc rehming from the vapor phase to the liquid phase. The extentofthis equilibrium is measured as the vapor pressr[€! a component that is directly proportional to the mole fi:action-and thus composition- of a li+rid is a.EjxbJre, aaaordilg-to Baouus l4w. qim;la+,Dalto8's law states that the mole Saction ofa compound in the vapor at a giver temperature is equal to the partial pr€ssue ofthe compound at that temperature divided by the total pressur€. The number ofmolecules in the vapor pbase depe$dspdoarily oc tbe voluoe of the syst€o" tbat€mperatue, the combined pressure ofall the gas€ous componenls, and the strength ofthe intermolecular forces exerted in the liquid phase. TlNs, tlte boiiisg psi!3 of &coEloud ia very sisitra&rrald characteristic since it's bas€d orr its unique intemolecular forces. Distillation techniques, such as simple distillation and fractional distillation take full advantage ofthe information providedby the boiling point and use thee i+ '*ays as stated above, Etperimetrtal Procedure:
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A simple distillatioo and a fractional distillatioF--ralg<tppcr+eie-were performed for an equal proportion, 4mL mix oftoluene and cyclohexane.
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