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Film Journal #1 - 9/26/2007 Film Journal #1 John La Zhifang...

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9/26/2007 Film Journal #1 John La Zhifang Song Professor Seaman Anthropology 263g A rite of passage is generally a ritual or initiation that is performed on a person by various cultures in order to pass from one stage of a life to another. According to Moore, rites of passages have a similar model in different cultures because they are repeated through generations of these cultures. He calls this repetitive action a “factory day”. In the film “A Rite of Passage,” a group of people referred to as Ikung or Ju’wais, located in the Kalahari Desert, use the rite of passage as an indication that a child is now turned into a man. They are a group of people who rely on hunting and gathering resources in order to survive. Most of their food comes from plants. However, they perform hunting to provide meat for their society. Hunting is a key survival skill for the Ju’wais as the animal provides them with bows, clothing, bags, strings, food and other essential items for survival. Although meat is a very important part of the Ju’wais people’s daily life it is more notably part of a child’s next step to adulthood. Killing a large game animal is the next step for a boy to manhood in the Ju’wais culture. Once the child kills a large animal the whole community, excluding women, will have a ritual to celebrate the child’s step from infancy to maturity. In the film, !Ti !kay, was the child who shot and killed the female wilder beast. After the kill, !Ti !kay’s companions skinned the wilder beast and ate the liver of the animal. !Ti !kay was not allowed to share the meat with his companions. When the meat was brought back to the village, Crooked/Qui, a relative to !Ti !kay, put the fat of the wilder beast in
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Film Journal #1 - 9/26/2007 Film Journal #1 John La Zhifang...

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