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Anth 263g Extra Credit La

Anth 263g Extra Credit La - John La Extra Credit Professor...

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John La Extra Credit Professor Seaman Anthropology 263g Film: “Secret of the Stone: Segmentary Lineage Organization in a North China Village” 1. The film is taking place in Zhifang Song's village in Hebei, China. Professor Seaman and Song set out to Song’s native village to explore the segmentary lineage organization that Song is descended from. Song’s genealogy is written on a stone in the Old Ancestral Temple that has the history of generations of descendants from Song's lineage. The stone shows Song’s village is descended from an apical ancestor. However, there are two villages that descended from the common lineage founder or apical ancestor: the Song Village and Tiger King village. This split occurred when the lineage founder had two sons that divided off into two separate villages: Tiger King Village and Song Village. Furthermore, there was a split in Song’s village. Song’s lineage was fissioned when one of the older brothers in one generation split off from his lineage and founded the West temple, where today the older brothers’ generation still lives.
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