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P a g e | 1 John La Zhifang Song Film Journal #3 Anthropology 263g There have been many changes throughout the history of the Balinese people. Sanskrit poetry played a key role in their society, as they became a tribal civilization. However, when Hindu priests arrived in Indonesia they brought their texts to convert the Balinese people. Ultimately, these texts that the Hindu priests brought became a model for the Balinese society. In the 1900’s, kings ruled the country with priests and during this time poetry became very dominant for the Balinese. As the Balinese society became more developed, they started to cultivate rice for exports. During the same period of time, the Dutch empire believed that they needed to control the rice trade. As a result, the Dutch empire sent soldiers to Indonesia to destroy the Balinese people. The Dutch had no problem fighting the Balinese because the Dutch used cannons and guns while the Balinese relied on their swords. In 1906, the royal courts became the “last stands” as each one was systematically killed. The royal courts at Klung Klung would dress up in their traditional clothes and walk into the gunfire of the Dutch. They did this because they believed that they should not surrender, therefore they would sacrifice their lives rather than giving up. This was known as the “Puputan” or “Finish” since it was the end of the real fighting. However, every Balinese temple still survived and their culture lived past the slaughtering. Nonetheless, the Dutch still occupied the Balinese land, until 1947, when the Japanese drove out the Dutch and finally granted independence to the Balinese people. In 1969, an airport land strip was built, which ultimately led to tourism that brought 300,000 tourists every year. Furthermore, the tape recorder, radio, and television allowed more communication within the country that the Balinese occupied, thus, changing some of the customs of the
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Film Journal #3 - Page |1 John La Zhifang Song Film Journal...

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