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AE worksheet 1 - No 8 appears in three views Just write 8...

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AE 1350 Homework Assignment #1 Fall 2008 Handout: September 3,2008 Due: September 10, 2008 Each problem is worth 10 points. Be sure to use appropriate units. Show all of the important steps in your solution. Box or double-underline your final answers. Be sure to follow all of the format guidelines for homework as discussed in the course overview. Homework will be collected at the beginning of the lecture on the above date due. Late homework will not be accepted. Problems: 1. In the three-view drawing of the Boeing 767 shown below identify the following parts. Write the number on the part in only one of the three views. For example, fuselage (Part
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Unformatted text preview: No. 8) appears in three views. Just write 8 on this part on one of these views. 1. nose gear 2. elevator 3. engine 4. cockpit 5. rudder 10. flap 9. wing 8. fuselage 7. main gear 6. aileron 11. horizontal tail 12. slat 13. engine nacelle 14. nose gear door 15. spoiler Boeing 767-200 wide-bodied airliner (Jane's/Dennis i'liiinelt) 2. Calculate the weight of the air in Ibf contained within a room that is located at sea-level and is 20 ft long, 15 ft wide and 8 ft high. Assume standard atmospheric conditions. What is the mass of this air in kg. ....
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