Article 02.25 butterfly fish

Article 02.25 butterfly fish - of the global mass...

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Title : Butterfly Fish ‘May Face Extinction’ Date : Feb. 25 th , 2008 Author   Summary : Chevroned butterfly fish, a particular species of fish that is wide-spread around the world is facing  extinction. This is due to the decline in numbers of a particular  coral called the Acropora  hyacinthus, the only diet the butterfly fish feeds on. Scientists experimented with the butterfly  fish and found the fish would rather starve themselves than eat a mixed diet. However, A.  hyacintus is a highly vulnerable organism itself. Crown-of-thorns starfish, plagues, global warming  are all factors in causing the death of this particular coral. Although extremely widespread, the  Chevroned butterflyfish may be at considerable risk of extinction following ongoing degradation of  coral reefs around the world. Researchers consider that such extinctions are likely to occur as part 
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Unformatted text preview: of the global mass extinction of species now taking place, and that marine ecosystems may be particularly vulnerable in that small changes in habitat or water quality can have a big impact on their species. Reaction : I remember that for a biology class that I took in high school, one of our research projects was based on the observation of the butterfly fish. My class and I had to go into the ocean and we snorkeled to observe this beautiful specie. I remember the research was on the number of butterfly fish in a particular area (it was very difficult to count the numbers of these small fish as they dashed in and out of the reef!). That’s why when I saw the title of this news article, I felt a deeper connection. I really hope that humans can finally realize what we are doing to the Earth and STOP KILLING OUR HOME!!!!...
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Article 02.25 butterfly fish - of the global mass...

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