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SAMPLE QUESTIONS FOR THE TEST 1 MGMT 461 FALL 2007 KWANGHO KIM Multiple Choice Questions 1. In the Footwear International case, which factor was part of the host-country environment ? a. Conflict between Israel and the Palestinians was ongoing. b. 85% of the people of Bangladesh were Muslim. c. All employees in the development and marketing department of Footwear Bangladesh were Muslims. d. Salman Rushdie had recently published The Satanic Verses , considered by many to be offensive to Islam. 2. Which factor would be part of an international firm’s operating environment? a. Skills of the firm’s employees b. Political system of the host country c. Political system of the home country d. Global terrorism threats 3. The four international codes of conduct that provide some consistent guidelines for multinational enterprises were developed by all of the following EXCEPT: a. European Union b. International Chamber of Commerce c. International Labor Organization d. United Nations 4. The upper limits of ethical standards (i.e., highest standards) for international
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Sample_questions_for_the_test_1_Fall_200 - SAMPLE QUESTIONS...

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