An Introduction To Mechanics

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Problem Set 3 Physics 116 : Due Friday, 02/15/2008 7. Many devices, like an Nintendo Wii controller or an iPhone have a tiny device inside called an accelerometer . These devices can be used to detect whether your personal reference frame is being accelerated or not (i.e. whether you are in a non-inertial reference frame). Invent a very simple accelerometer which can detect whether you are being accelerated in a horizontal direction. Describe its operation in a few sentences, and feel free to make some sketches or diagrams as well. It does not have to be very precise or fancy,
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Unformatted text preview: and try to limit yourself to items that might be lying around in your dorm room. 8. Extra Credit Question Please work on this question by yourself! Consider a series of pulleys, as shown in the gure below. A string passes over each pulley with one end attached to a mass and the other end attached to another pulley. This continues on forever, making up an innite series of masses and pulleys. All masses are equal to M and all pulleys and strings are massless. The masses are held xed and then all are simultaneously released. What is the acceleration of the top mass? M M M M 1...
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