EDU 695 - Week 6 - Final Paper - ePortfolio - 1 Running Head FINAL PAPER Sherral Hudson Final Paper and ePortfolio Dr Kathleen Pierce Friedman MAED

EDU 695 - Week 6 - Final Paper - ePortfolio - 1 Running...

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1 Running Head: FINAL PAPER Sherral Hudson Final Paper and ePortfolio Dr. Kathleen Pierce Friedman MAED Capstone 05/16/2017
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2 FINAL PAPER Introduction My MAED experience overall has been a pleasant one. Each of my courses challenged my mind and my beliefs, it also made me rethink some of my conventional teaching methods. I have learned how technology can be beneficial in the classroom and in the near future will be an essential part of the classroom. I can take everything that I have learned in all of my MAED courses and use then once I becomes employed. The courses have realistic situations that I will be prepared for if a certain issue or form a teaching arises. I had a few courses that were more challenging than others but I did not give up and gave my best and that is something that I will take with me once I become employed. That no matter how tough the situation is, I will not give up but give my best no matter what. ePortfolio Components In this portfolio, the artifact that best demonstrates my mastery of the MAED program learning outcomes is the titled “EDU 695 WEEK 4: Poster Presentation Template” and “EDU 695 WEEK 1: Supporting Diversity through 21st- Century Teaching and Learning” . These documents together with the action research presentation address each of the program learning outcomes. On the other hand, portfolio has also been modified in such a way that it includes all my scholarly articles and a YouTube video that shows how educators should treat students with varied disabilities in order to help them learn and acquire knowledge in the 21 st century. The presentation of all the assignments in the ePortfolio is organized in a manner that will allow viewers go through them easily and to learn important information easily. The link to the ePortfolio is here:
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