Chapter 4 - Chapter 4: What is communication process and...

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Chapter 4: What is communication process and cultural noise? Communication: the process of sharing meaning by transmitting messages through media such as words, behavior, or material artifacts. Noise: anything that serves to undermine the communication of the intended meaning Cultural noise: The cultural variables that undermine the communications of intended meaning Intercultural communication: when a member of one culture sends a message to a member of another culture Attributes: the process in which people look for an explanation of another person’s behavior. What are some of the cultural variables that affect perceptions in the communication process? - Attitudes - Social organization - Thought patterns: the logical progression of reasoning - Roles - Language - Nonverbal communication: behviour that communicated without words - Time - Context Examples of non-verbal communication (including kinesics, proxemics, paralanguage) - Kinesics: communication through body movements (posture, gestures, facial expressions, eye contact) - Proxemics: the influence of proximity and space on communicationi- both personal and office space or layout - Paralnguage: how something is said rather than the contecnt (the rate of speech, tone, inflection of voice) Know what these terms mean:
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- Hight contact vs. Low contact cultures: o High contact: cultures that prefer to stand close, touch a great deal, and expreince a close sensory involvement. (arabs, south Americans, southern and eastern eruopeans, Indonesians) o Low contact: prefer much less sensory involvement, standing farther apart and touching far less (north American, Asians, northern Europeans)
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Chapter 4 - Chapter 4: What is communication process and...

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