An Introduction To Mechanics

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Problem Set 5 Physics 116 : Due MONDAY, 03/03/2008 This problem set will be slightly shorter due to Prelim #1 6. Extra Credit Question Please work on this question by yourself! (a) Consider a tennis ball of mass m t sitting on a basketball of mass m b . The bottom of the basketball is a height h above the ground, and the tennis ball is a height h + 2 r b from the ground. Assume that m b ± m t and that the balls are separated by a negligible distance and bounce instantaneously. You should assume that all collisions are elastic , meaning that the total kinetic energy given
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Unformatted text preview: by 1 2 m t v 2 t + 1 2 m b v 2 b is conserved (i.e. is the same before and after the collision) -we will cover this later in the semester. What is the maximum height reached by the tennis ball? (b) Now consider a stack of n balls, having masses m 1 ± m 2 ± m 3 ... ± m n The bottom of ball 1 starts a height h from the ground, and the bottom of ball n is a distance h + d from the ground. Again, assume the balls are separated by negligible distances and bounce instantaneously and elastically. What is the maximum height reached by ball n ?...
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