An Introduction To Mechanics

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Problem Set 7 Physics 116 : Due Friday, 03/14/2008 1. Prove that all central forces ( ~ F = f ( r r ) are conservative. Do the same for all constant forces ( ~ F = A ˆ c , where A is a constant and ˆ c is some arbitrary unit vector). You can use whatever methods you like, including geometric arguments or vector calculus.
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Unformatted text preview: 4. K&K, Problem 4.20 5. K&K, Problem 4.21 6. K&K, Problem 4.29 7. K&K, Problem 10.2 8. K&K, Problem 10.6 9. Extra Credit Question Please work on this question by yourself! Give a rough estimate for the resonant frequency, ω , of the Fall Creek suspension bridge, and explain your reasoning....
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